The Social Pressures of Eating Differently

It’s now way over 2 years since I gave up sugar and since then I have gradually favoured a low carb high fat way of eating too. In that time I have felt my body and mind heal and have also felt innumerable health benefits including lots more energy, no headaches, stomach cramps and even my lifelong hay fever has disappeared. 

In the beginning it was really hard being in a social situation and having to explain over and over that I had decided to give up sugar so wouldn’t be eating a piece of cake or drinking a glass of juice.

Most of my friends and family are now used to me not eating sugar and make accommodations for that, or are indifferent if I have nothing for ‘dessert’ – even just fruit because sometimes I simply don’t want any. But the journey from the start to here was not easy with many, many people giving me ‘just a little bit’ of cake to eat or saying ‘it won’t kill you’ and shoving a plate of biscuits under my nose. At times I’d feel a bit wound up, other times I’d just decline (again, and again) almost always smiling – externally at least. 

But even recently I’ve had a similar issue with alcohol. I don’t mind a little drink here and there, but I know if I drink two days in a row that I will begin to feel unwell – whether with a tummy ache or headache or both. 

I often feel even more social pressure to conform and I accept the drink, simply because I don’t want to appear to be ‘picky’, ‘difficult’ or a ‘miserable cow’ having already shunned the food on offer – maybe rice, roast potatoes and of course dessert. Then I sit there and suffer, cursing myself for not sticking by what works best for me. 

It’s often a hard on-the-spot decision to decline what’s on offer – the food looks delicious and I may even have craved some of it. The dessert even more so. A drink or two won’t hurt, will it? Plus, everyone’s looking at me.

But knowing what my goal is and what makes me regret my decision afterwards helps me to stick to the best choice for me. I’m now certain of what will make me feel unwell and I try my very best to avoid it even when all eyes are on me.  And it works, mostly!


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3 thoughts on “The Social Pressures of Eating Differently

  1. I know what you mean! I used to be a big drinker and it’s hard to get people to realise that I just don’t want to do it anymore. When they’re in full swing, I now feel a bit sick and want to go to bed. I’ve just become a vegan, and am waiting to see how that’s going to go down…. I don’t know why people try to encourage you to eat stuff. Maybe it’s because your determination makes them feel bad about their lack of it, I don’t know. I think the main thing is just not to make a big deal of it. And when I go to stay with my 88 year old father, I will probably eat what he puts in front of me 🙂

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