I’m Trying Sugar Free Living – Now What?

I’ve recently been asked by a few people to help them try to reduce or eliminate their sugar intake and I’m more than happy to help – after all I really believe we have all fallen into the habit of eating far too much of the sweet stuff and I’d like to remind everyone that sweet snacks are not the only snacks out there.

Those who want my help have given me a list of their vices so I’ve added an alternative list of ideas of what they, and you could snack on instead but to be honest the list is endless you just need to start thinking outside the box a little.

“I really love chocolate and eat some every day”

You could substitute chocolate bars for dark chocolate but personally I decided to avoid it altogether and then re-introduced it a few weeks later by adding cacao powder to Greek yogurt. It tasted divine! However instead of chocolate, as it’s the immediate sweetness and the sensation of the fat dissolving on your tongue you’ll be craving, try a savoury alternative that will have a similar effect: cheese. The fattiness in the cheese should give you that satisfaction you’re looking for and the lack of sugar will begin to help you disassociate hunger cravings with sweet food. It’s really important to unlearn the craving:sweet-treat link and that will come naturally with time.


“I love baking cakes”

If you love baking then great! As the baker you have full control over the type of cake you bake and how much sugar you put into it. You’ll be surprised at how adequately sweet a cake is with just half the amount of sugar than the recipe states. When I started my sugar free journey I would very often bake, gradually reducing not only the amount of sugar I used but also the amount of cake I ate. Soon enough I got used to trying a small piece and allowing everyone else to enjoy my low sugar offering.

“I keep scoffing the kids Petits Filous”

I did too!! I used to eat two or three a day. They’re best avoided though and try to phase them out from the children’s diet too – try Greek yogurt with mashed/blended fruit for the children and you can add chopped fruit/berries/nuts and seeds for yourself.  The amount of sugar in these ‘healthy’ children’s yoghurts is alarming.

“If there’s a pack of sweets in the house I’ll eat the whole thing”

Bite the bullet and don’t buy them!  There really is no alternative snack to this, just don’t eat it! It’s all about willpower with sweets. In the beginning I’d eat ANYTHING to stop me eating sweets – crisps, toast, hummus, breadsticks. It’s all about not giving in to that sweet craving.

“I have to have a biscuit with my tea or coffee”

One of my past firm favourites. I used to eat 4 or 5 custard creams at a time and snack on a few more throughout the day, just to keep me going. I really understand how hard it can be to cut this snack out. A great alternative is crackers, oatcakes or corn cakes topped with peanut butter, almond butter or any nut butter really. The nuts will keep you feeling full and give a bit of natural sweetness and the cracker will give you that crunch you’re looking for.


“It’s not me who does the grocery shopping”

That’s fine, just ask the person that does to buy two or three snacks that you’ll be happy to eat and keep them in a different place to where the sweet snacks are. Or even better – get rid of any snacks that you don’t want to eat! If they’re not in the house then it’s much harder for you to eat them.

Other great snacks are: oatcakes and cream cheese, apple/pear with brie or a nut butter topping, breadsticks, veg sticks and fruit… the list is endless and you can find loads of meal and snack ideas on my Instagram page.


I’m sure you’ll soon find your favourite two or three low/no sugar snacks that will help you get through to your next meal when you’re feeling a bit peckish. But you mustn’t feel afraid to snack – if the snack is worth eating then it does no harm at all.

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