Sugar Free: It’s Not That Hard

The assumption is that Sugar Free living is hard. The reason we think it’ll be hard is because most of us are addicted to the stuff, whether we realise it or not.

I’ve recently been accused of demonising sugar. That I’m promoting a sort of sugar-free ‘one diet fits all’.  That’s really not the case.

I’m not ‘on a diet’. I don’t ‘do a sugar free diet’. And I certainly don’t promote a set ‘sugar free diet’. I’ve spent the past 2 and a half years gradually cutting sugar (in most forms) out of my daily life because I found, through trial and error, that it made me ill.

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I can fairly quickly and easily list what I don’t eat: sugar (and any food that contains it), honey, syrup, dried fruit, sweeteners.  I also avoid simple carbs especially wheaty ones. Simple carbohydrates raise your blood sugar during digestion, and wheat based carbs cause my IBS to flare up – but this won’t be the case for everyone. Therefore to ‘go sugar free’ all you need to do is avoid eating sugar!

I do promote a healthy, active, sugar free lifestyle but I certainly DO NOT demonise sugar, or believe that everyone should eliminate it from their diet as I have.  I spend a fair amount of time raising awareness of the effects that high sugar consumption can have on us, and I share tips and snack ideas for lower sugar living.

I do believe that most of us eat and drink far too much sugar, and that this overconsumption is fuelling the high blood pressure/obesity/diabetes/cancer surge that societies across the globe are currently experiencing. It’s a fact that there were a lot less of these diseases around when there was a lot less sugar consumed repeatedly on a daily basis.


I was recently told that somebody was ‘petrified’ of having me round for a meal. I find that quite surprising. Considering my list of avoidance foods above, unless I was going to be fed toast and honey sprinkled with sugar, I can’t see what the problem is? I eat all fruit, veg, dairy, meat and fish. What’s so petrifying about that?

For years I’ve been easily and happily catering for vegetarian, gluten free and vegan meals.  It’s really not that hard – so why the issue with sugar free?

So is it really that difficult to remove sugar from a meal? With a little thought… absolutely not.



One thought on “Sugar Free: It’s Not That Hard

  1. I don’t think it’s hard at all but perhaps I would say that as I avoid refined sugar too. I do eat fruit and a tiny amount of dried fruit – mainly because since giving up refined sugar, I enjoy it much more.
    I don’t tend to tell people I’m ‘sugar free’ – but I’m not blogging about it, so I just say “no thank you” at dessert or cake/biscuit time when I’m out. This does often lead to “why are you trying to loose weight” – which I’m not – so I will sometimes go on to explain why I chose to cut sugar from my diet and the positives that has given me.

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