The Importance of Movement

Recently things have changed quite a lot at home for me. I no longer do 99% of the school runs; instead I’m working ‘normal’ office hours – typically 8am – 5pm.

I still work out 3 hours a week, an equal split between only cardio and weights/cardio interval training.

Still, I couldn’t work out why I have been starting to feel heavier and why I have a lot less energy than just a few weeks ago, after all I have been moving less therefore I should be more lively, shouldn’t I? I ended up putting it down to ‘getting older’ – I’m far closer to the big four-oh than I’d like to admit.

I eat a really healthy diet. I have been sugar free for almost 3 years and my diet consists mainly of fruit, veg, meat, dairy and nuts. All good stuff really.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a fitness tracker for a while, but as I knew I was active daily I never bothered to buy one. But with the lack of the school run I bit the bullet and bought a cheap one, just to see what the pedometer.

I was appalled to see my step count was usually between 2500-4000 steps on the days that I went to work and sat at my desk all day! Bearing in mind that we need to walk 10000 steps a day to remain active, and 12000+ for fitness/weight loss – well… you can imagine the range of different emoticons I might use to express my dismay!

It just goes to show that somebody who drives to work and sits at a desk all day really must try hard to move about and keep active. It seems set workouts just aren’t enough, and daily activity really is imperative to keep healthy. It doesn’t need to be a workout – just movement.

So now when I can I try to go for a walk on the days when I know that I won’t be able to move much. Or I might do some gardening, or some chores – anything that stops me continuing the sedentary habit that’s so easy to form.

Having an awareness of just how little I’ve moved over the day has been a real eye opener. And guess what? My energy levels are increasing again, and I feel so much better and happier for it. 


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